Not only are women coloring their grey, Men can too!

To a lot of men going grey is quite a punch in the face.  Many men dread the day when he looks in the mirror and sees this one, thick, white strand proudly displaying itself.  It would be quite different if it just all came in at once instead of years of waiting to be white.  We are not like Anderson Cooper or Mr. Kenny Rogers,( men who seem to have always had white hair) so for us, there are some great alternatives and ways to go grey, but no totally.


No matter what people say your looks have a big factor in how you come across in today’s society.  Why not give them something to really talk about.


        Camo is a great way to mask the grey in a veil of semi, or demi permanent color (meaning the color is not totally permanent)  this allows fading and a slight translucency of color to let your natural hues through and the white.  Mixing the two “camouflages” the grey, thus giving you a more “youthful” hazy salt n’ pepper  appearance.  The application as well is key.  Different techniques produce different outcomes depending on what you are wanting to achieve and the end look desired.


        Their are a lot of drug store colors for men. But, do only if you dare.  A licensed professional can help you match your original hair color with a camo color to produce the best most natural looking results.  The color process only takes FIVE to Ten minutes so you are not spending an afternoon in the salon. A great way to get information is to schedule a consultation or on your next haircut appointment ask questions and give it a try.

 What have you got to lose?… But the Grey!!