Which product and why?

Just like you, your hair needs covering too.

Yes!  Your Hair!

Having the perfect top or pant is not enough, complete your look with the right hair accessory.  Whether you are wanting a sleek sultry look or a just out of bed head, choosing the styling aid to best suit your look is key.  Not only can they help protect against color fading and uv rays, but also deliver moisture and conditioning!  Your stylist will be more than willing to help you determine what products best suit you and your lifestyle.  salon-products

Using cheap drugstore “salon” brands can dehydrate and sometimes damage your hair, you get what you pay for and quality is key! Be sure to read all labels, don’t get something your hair doesn’t need.   But how do you know what are the right products to use in your hair?  Asking a licensed professional is your best bet in deciding on products.

Choosing the right styling tools and products can help you keep color longer, hydrate your hair, condition, volumize texturize, protect against uv rays and LOTS more; Not only can you maintain a great style but hair health as well.  You don’t only need to use one product you can use a combination just like layers of clothing…..

Hairspray, mousse, gels, styling creams, serums, oils, etc… it can get confusing so its best to set up a consultation or on your next salon visit ask your stylist about what products you should use that will help you achieve any look you desire; which products to use and which ones to stay away from.  With an assortment of hair products this will allow you to achieve a look that best suits you, your lifestyle, and will definitely let you express yourself.

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